Imagina International Trading Limited

In today’s chaotic financial world you need to be looking at alternative investments and solid business opportunities to survive and thrive in today’s tempestuous financial environment.

A properly established managed account is considered an alternative investment which is uncorrelated to the markets in general. In other words, it doesn’t matter what the stock market it doing.  Our managed accounts can generate profits in any market, up or down.

Imagina FX uses a systematic combination of both trend following and mean reversion strategies specifically designed to earn consistent returns.  Clients enjoy genuine diversification from traditional investments with returns that are uncorrelated with equity or fixed income markets.

The program uses both trend following and mean reversion strategies with both automated and manual trade implementation.  This unique combination of automated algorithmic trading and manual/discretionary trade analysis are designed to profit from short and medium term moves in the currency pairs of our focus.  In order to successfully achieve this, we employ a systematic approach designed to perform in all market environments.  This includes both technical and fundamental strategic considerations.

We enhance our risk management strategy via disciplined diversification while also implementing volatility considerations into our trading decisions.  All trade execution is directly supervised by experienced traders while operational risk is limited through the use of offsite facilities.!